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Setup Steps


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Welcome Wizard
Enter Jobs & Employees

Basic Information
Multiple Locations  or Departments?
Overview of Scheduling
Positions:  Add  |  Edit
Employees:  Add  | UploadEdit
Grid showing Employees & Positions
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Schedules Setup
Enter a currently
assigned schedule week
Initial Set of Shifts:  Add  | UploadEdit  |  Delete
By Employee Schedule View – Drag/Drop Shifts
Try Categories for adding similar shifts
Ways to View Schedules – 12 Customizable Formats
   – Save Your Initial Week as Template
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   – Import and AutoFill unassigned shifts


Automatic Scheduling
 Import & AutoFill

Default AutoFill maximums 40 hr/week 1 shift/day 14 hrs/day
Work Time Preferences can be used
Time off, when approved, can automatically update the schedule
ANALYZE Shifts for Conflicts
Open Scheduling – Let Employees Choose Shifts
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Sharing Schedules

Setting Employee Permissions
Entering Employee Email / Text Addresses & Notifications
Employee Access
Send Employees Sign In Instructions
Publishing a Schedule Week
Track who has seen their schedule or been notified
Easy Changes after Publishing – Find Replacements
Printing Schedules
   – Share Schedules with Third Parties

& Delegate

Ways to Communicate
My Notifications
Employee Notifications
Add Other Scheduling Managers
Run Reports

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