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Track Work Time Preferences Changes

Tracking When Preferences Were Changed

If you want to keep a record of the comparison of employee preferences to their assigned shifts, ex. before you Publish, you can use the Sortable List>Analyze feature and then print that to pdf. If there is ever a question later regarding preferences and shift assignments you will have that as a record.

We also provide a “last edited” date for when each employee’s preferences were last updated and a notation about who made the change in the “Preferences Change History” section of the Schedules/Prefs tab.

To view when an employee’s preferences were last changed you can do the following:

From any page: 

  • In the top menu, click EMPLOYEES to go to the Employee List page 
  • Click the magnifying glass magnify glass icon next to the employee name to open the employee details window 
  • Click the Schedule/Preferences tab
  • In the “Preferences Change History” section, you will see when the preferences were last edited and who updated them

track preference change history employee details

Also note that you can set up to be notified when an employee’s preferences are updated on your SETTINGS>My Notifications page, and then you can use the Analyze feature to see if the new preferences conflict with already assigned shifts.