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Let Employees see Unpublished Weeks?

It is not possible to allow employees to see the schedule before it is Published.

All schedules begin Unpublished, so that only managers can see them. When you work on an Unpublished schedule, adding shifts, rearranging assignments, AutoFilling, etc. none of that work is visible to employees and no notifications are sent out.

When you are ready to finalize your work on the schedule, click “Publish”. This will trigger notifications for those who have set them up, including emails listing their shifts for the week. Once the schedule is Published, employees can sign in and see their shifts, and the shifts can be exported to Google Calendars.

The schedule is never finalized in the sense that it cannot be altered, but essentially when you click Publish, that means you’re ready to release the schedule to the organization.

While you could create manager logins for them, please keep in mind that all managers, even those without any permissions enabled, can see personal employee information for all employees.



I need my employees to see the schedule before it is published. How can I give them this access?