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API (application programming interface) – Pro Plan

WhenToWork offers many manual custom exports and third party file exports when logged into an active session and the export option is chosen.

Pro Plan subscribers can also use our Read Only API to automate data extraction from their account to be used with other systems. 




– If you choose to enable API access, make sure you keep your key private.  Anyone who has access to the key can access your data.

– We recommend limiting access to specific IPs when possible.

– The API will accept either GET or POST commands, and treats them both the same.  The results are in JSON format.

– * The key and all parameters may be included in form post data or on the URL (the least safe option).  The key may also be passed in the http header.

– Any calls that take START_DATE and END_DATE (Shift List, Time Off, Daily Totals, etc.) are limited to 31 days of data. Any requests over 31 days will be rejected.

– Any calls that fetch shift information can take an optional parameter POSITION=(position id) to filter the results to the specified position.

Non Pro Plan users

Can use our Export to Google Calendar feature to export data and then retrieve data from there. Employees can export their schedules and managers can set up to automatically send all or part of the schedule to Google Calendar. Google Calendar can then be a source for a constant, automated export.



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