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API – RSS Feed Access?

We do not offer API type access to get data from an account.  In our system, data can only be exported to text files when logged into an active session and export option is chosen.

Also note that the only data that can be uploaded or imported INTO our system is a file of employee details.  We do not offer a way to import shift information, so if this is a requirement for your organization, our system may not be the best fit.

If you email with information on what you are trying to do, or what information you are trying to retrieve, we can provide more feedback or workarounds that might help.

We do offer an Export to Google Calendar feature that allows you to send all or part of your schedule to Google Calendar.  Schedule data can be automatically exported to a Google Calendar, which can in turn be a source for a constant, automated export. Either a manager can export the entire or partial schedule, or if you just need it for certain employees, you could have each of them export their schedule and share it to a common Google Calendar. Then you can use Google’s API to feed that data into your application.  Changes made to shifts at WhenToWork are automatically updated in your Google Calendar, so you’ll always be seeing an up-to-date schedule on Google.


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