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iPad Tips

The mobile version at is completely compatible with the iPad and our regular version works well on an iPad also

Our iOS iPhone app in the app store is not compatible with the iPad, so we do recommend you try our regular or mobile login.

Certain options can be helpful when using an iPad:

On the By Employee schedule view you can turn the bottom date navigation off using the “Change Layout” link, choose the option “show date header once” this prevents the bottom date navigation from appearing on the screen.

On that same view, drag & drop will not work on the touchscreen.

In the Add Shifts window click the “Try the Non-Grid View” to change the Employee list to the non-grid list of Employees.

At the bottom of the Employees List page you can choose to use the “Non Grid” version of that page in the lower right. You can then click the pencil icon next to Employee to edit their Employee details.

Employee work time preferences cannot be painted using the paintbrush, but you can change the preferences by entering the times and choosing the color in the upper right of those preference pages.

The By Position schedule view and the ON NOW – ON LATER views work nicely with the iPad screen.

Also, on the iPad and any iOS product, using the CTRL key will always bring up the right-click menu, so all Mac users are encouraged to use shift-click or ALT-click rather than CTRL-click.

The Google Drive app for iPad does not support importing CSV files, although if you import the CSV file to your Google Drive on a computer and open it on the computer display, Google Drive will make that file viewable on your iPad. That is, Google Drive’s standard online interface can receive and set up a CSV file as a spreadsheet file, but the Google Drive app for iPad is more limited and cannot. It can only view a CSV file that is already set up in its spreadsheet feature for display.

If you are not able to upload and open your exports in Google Drive on a computer first, the alternative is to purchase a CSV reader app for iPad in the App Store.

Apple’s own spreadsheet software, Numbers, has an app made for iPad and if you install it on your iPad, you can click on the exported CSV file and select ‘Open in Numbers’ and it will work well.