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Can W2W Create the Shifts?

Can WhenToWork create my shifts?
Can the shifts just be created from the employee work time preferences?

WhenToWork does not create shifts based on employee preferences, it assigns shifts based on those preferences.

Our system does allow you, week by week, to Import a previous week or template or manually enter the shifts you need and then use our “AutoFill” feature to automatically assign that week’s shifts based on your employees entered preferences, availability, approved time offconstraintsskills, etc. Each employee can enter their own work time preferences, or you can enter them.

Our system assumes that you know the shift begin and end times and that you have entered an initial set of shifts into your schedule before using AutoFill to assign the shifts.

You can create or import your needed shifts and then Publish the schedule and allow employees to pick up the shifts they prefer off the Tradeboard. You may also create shorter shifts (ex. 2 hour shifts) into your schedule to meet your coverage needs, then use AutoFill to assign those shorter shifts to your employees based on their availability and preferences.