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Should we split our account into separate accounts?

It is possible to schedule multiple groups in one shared account, and to use our “Partial Publish” feature to Publish only certain Positions, allowing managers to schedule employees separately, Publishing only their own groups without impacting others. When you click “Publish”, you’ll see a list of Positions; you can check off the Positions you’d like to Publish, and then click to Publish just those. 

Pro Plan subscribers can create a new “linked” account so that accounts are billed together.
Sign into your existing account, and after upgrading to Pro Plan you can go to SETTINGS > Create a New Linked Account. Enter the name and email of the main manager for the new account and the sign-in information will be emailed. Then the new account’s main manager can sign in and set up the new account, which will be automatically ‘linked’ for billing purposes under your existing subscription.

If you do not share employees between groups and you wish to split your account into multiple accounts, please note that we do not have an automated way to transfer data from one account into another account. You will be able to manually export and import employee and shift data, but some information will have to be manually entered into each of the new accounts.

You can create two separate accounts which are billed separately by create a new free trial for the new account.  

In the original account, filter your Employee List to just those employees you’d like to move to the new account, and export them into a CSV file. In the new account, use our Upload feature on the EMPLOYEES > List Employees page to add them all at once. This will create new employee logins for them, with new usernames and passwords.

After the employees have been set up in the new accounts and the transition is complete, you’ll need to go back to the original account and delete any employees who no longer need access to that original account. Note that if you do not delete them, they’ll be counted as active logins in multiple accounts and your employee count (and subscription cost) will increase, so you’ll want to delete those old logins as soon as they are no longer needed.




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