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Track Accrued Vacation Time?

Our system is designed strictly as an employee scheduling system and does not offer a human resources/payroll module that would incorporate various items like vacation and sick time accrual, payroll, overtime, varying pay rates, PTO, taxes, deductions, pay rate adjustments, W-4 forms, etc.

As a workaround, some of our users export reports in a spreadsheet format and then add in the data they need to create reports that are useful for payroll purposes.

You could consider using shifts for time off by creating new Positions called “Vacation,” “Sick,” “Jury Duty,” etc. and then create “shifts” for the appropriate Position and employee to reflect the date and times of the vacation.  This would allow you to enter the “paid work hours”.  For example, if it is a paid vacation, you could enter the duration so it added to the employee’s scheduled hours for week, or enter ‘0’ for the duration if the vacation time is unpaid.  You could also run reports to see statistical totals on each type of called off or sick shifts assigned during any date range.  Note that this has a couple of drawbacks:  if you allow employees to see “everyone’s schedule,” then they can see the called off or vacation shifts too, and when Importing a week you need to be careful to only copy in the actual working shifts so the vacation shifts are not copied week after week, i.e. use a saved template with no time off shifts.

Our REPORTS offer summaries of hours worked for their regular shifts (the vacation shifts being set to ‘0’ will not impact that number), and then you can also run a report to see the total number of Sick/Vacation/PTO shifts taken.

You could also keep track of this information in less formal ways:

  1. You could edit the employee‘s individual Comment field to reflect their vacation or sick days.  This would allow you and other managers to see this information but keep it hidden from other employees (you can choose whether the employees can see their own Comment information or not).

  2. You could add the information into the “Manager Notes” section at the bottom of that week’s schedule so the information is readily available on that specific week.

  3. If you do not use your Categories for another purpose, you may add a Category by going to your Schedules page, use the Category pull-down menu and select “Add/Edit Categories.” When the Add/Edit Category window is displayed, you can create a Category called “Late” and click the Add Now button.  Then when you have an employee call in late (or sick) you can click directly on the shift, and in the Shift Change popup window, you can change the “Optional Category” pull-down to the ‘Late’ or ‘Sick’ Category you changed, and then if necessary, change the shift time to reflect their actual work hours.  In setting up Categories in this way, you are able to obtain statistical information (either through the Statistics schedule view or the REPORTS section).  

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