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Stop Notifications

Each user sets up what type of notifications they would like to receive at their email, text address, and in-app.

Automatic email notifications can be stopped by the recipient  by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.  You can then choose to remove your email from our system entirely, or just stop that particular type of notice from going out. Or you can log in and change those options on your Settings>My Notifications page, or for employees on the Employee List page.

Text notifications can be stopped by logging in and going to your Settings>My Notifications page.  Click to Edit Notifications next to your text address and uncheck that notice and then click Save.

In-app push notifications can be stopped by choosing More in the app toolbar, click the username and then uncheck the option and click Save.  

To stop Publish or Unpublish automatic notifications from going out, you can update that option on your Settings>Company Info page.


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