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View number of Weekends employee was scheduled?

While our system does not automatically tally the number of weekends an employee works, it is possible to see this in Excel. If you go to our Reports page, you can run the Assigned Shift Details report for any time frame, and be sure to check off “Day” so that the day of week is included in the export. If you open that file in Excel, you can sort by “Day” to isolate Saturday and Sunday shifts. (Note that the days are numbered 1-7, counting from the start day you have set for your week.)

Alternatively, you might identify weekend shifts with a Category for “Weekend” and then sort to that Category to isolate those shifts on displays, printouts and reports. If you filter the Statistics schedule view, you’ll see tallies for each employee.

Another option would be to configure your Chart view to display a month or 4 weeks and set it to only show Saturdays and Sundays and then you can see at a glance the number of weekends each employee is scheduled.