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Can manager post / edit shift on Tradeboard?

Only employees can post their shifts to the tradeboard, managers cannot post shifts from their manager login. But note that you can set up to have any open unassgined shifts automatically post to the tradeboard on your SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page

If you are scheduled as employee and want to post one of your shifts to the tradeboard:

If you need to actually post one of your own employee shifts to the Tradeboard or use the Tradeboard to request to swap or pickup another post on the Tradeboard, you must do so through your separate employee login.

As a manager it is assumed you could just edit the shifts as needed, so if you are trying to use the system like an employee, to post or request from the Tradeboard this can only be done through your employee login.

If you do not know your employee login ID and Password, just log into your manager login then go to the Employees section and click on your name and on the popup that appears click the “Email sign in instructions” link.

Managers cannot post shifts for employees:

If an employee (not you) needs a shift posted, they must do so themselves through their login. You could edit the shift to make it unassigned, and then it would automatically post to the tradeboard, but this does remove the employee from the shift. If it isn’t picked up, it’s not filled (whereas if they post it and no one takes it, it’s still theirs.)



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