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Is there an employee sign-in history log?

In your manager interface, you can see the ‘last sign in’ date/timestamp of any of your employees at EMPLOYEES > List Employees.  Simply click ‘Select Columns’ to include this column in the grid display.

It is not possible to track sign-ins beyond this ‘last sign-in’ stamp in the W2W system.

In our Schedules section By Employee and Statistics views, on each Published week, the manager can see whether each employee has been sent an email about the latest changes made to that week’s schedule, whether they have confirmed receipt of that email, and whether they signed in and viewed online the latest changes made to their own schedule on that particular week.

This provides solid tracking so that managers know who has seen their most up-to-date schedule and who has not. 

You can view an employee’s recent trade activity by clicking their name on any view and then choosing the Schedules tab and clicking the “Recent Trade Activity” link.  This logs all recent (within 45 days) trade activity for that employee (including their own activity, such as posting or requesting shifts, and the activity of other employees that impacts them, such as co-workers offering to trade their shifts).

Also, each individual shift has a ‘shift history’ that shows the changes and trade activity for that shift in the past 45 days, but you will need to click on each shift to see that history.

You can also run a report to export the contents of the ‘Shift History’ for any date range. That is, each Shift History contains recent changes, and those can be put together and printed or exported.  Simply select the date range of the edits you are interested in seeing, and run the Export Recent Shift History on the Reports page, and this report will give all changes made in that time frame. Note that our system only keeps changes made in the past 45 days, so this report is only accurate to 45 days back. If you were to run this report every 30 days, you could create an archive of Shift History changes in your account, including trades (but also edits, etc.)  If you run this report and open it in Excel or another spreadsheet software, you can click on column I and sort by that column. Look for tradeboard-related change descriptions (ie Shift posted for trade, Offered to pick up shift, etc.)

Also, as a manager, you can choose to be notified each time an employee posts a shift or requests to trade/pick up a shift.  This will give you an email archive of trade transactions.  You can set up your email notifications by choosing SETTINGS>My Notifications.  



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