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Special Scheduling Needs & Scenarios

Multiple Locations or Departments

WhenToWork is great for organizations that have multiple locations or departments. You can put all locations in one account or create separate accounts linked for billing purposes (making sure no employee is entered into more than one account). → More

Student Scheduling

If you schedule students, you know the challenges involved in working around their school schedules and their busy (sometimes distracted) lives – WhenToWork improves communication and even allows you to let the employees deal with finding their own replacements, be notified of open shifts they can work on their cell phones, etc. → More

Seasonal Companies

If you have fluctuating employee levels or are only open certain months of the year, just contact us about a seasonal subscription. Our flexible system also allows you to quickly change your needed shifts for each week to accommodate your changing schedule. → More

Event Scheduling

If your shifts are related to certain events, you can create a category for each event and then filter your display or run reports to only include that one event or group of events. → More

24 Hour or Overnight Shifts

You can add shifts that begin at any time and then enter an end time up to 24 hours later. Shifts are attributed to the day that they begin. → More

Open Scheduling – Great for Volunteers

You add or import the shifts you need covered and publish the week, then employees sign in and choose which shifts they want to work up to their max hours per week. → More

Pinned Employees

If you have certain employees that work at the same time each week, you can save a template with their shifts assigned and the other shifts left unassigned so that you can Import and AutoFill the open shifts. → More

Rotational Scheduling (X days off, X days on)

WhenToWork does not do automatic rotational scheduling. Some users do this type of scheduling by creating a template for each week in the rotation. → More