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Shift Descriptions (optional)

Each shift has an optional “shift description” field.  When you add or edit a shift you can add in a shift description. Shift Description fields have a character limit of 500.

Displaying of Shift Descriptions

Each of our schedule views have a ‘Change Layout’ link at the upper left. When you click on this link, you can change your layout settings for both screen display and printout. Note that when the main manager changes these options, this also affects what the employees see when they view that corresponding view in their logins.

To display the shift description, you’ll want to enable this in the screen display and/or printout section of the layout settings.

Check off the settings you want, and click ‘Save’ to apply them.

“Bulk Edit” Shift Descriptions

The Grid View is the only schedule view that allows you to “bulk edit” shifts.  Check off the shifts and click the Bulk Edit link.

If you would like to set up default values to make shift creation faster, you might consider creating Categories for those shifts.

Possible Uses for Shift Descriptions

You can also use the shift description field to note that the shift ‘continues until close’ or ‘closing time will vary’, so that employees understand the expectations.

To indicate a location – For example, one 8a-12p shift might say, “8-9 service desk, 9-11 circulation, 11-12 service desk” and another 8a-12p shift might say, “8-9 circulation, 9-11 service desk, 11-12 circulation” so that the employees are covering the areas you need, but are assigned to just one shift per day.

Events -you can put the event information into the shift description. Note using this method does not allow you to sort or filter the display based on the event ex. you cannot run reports on how many shifts you had for the event if you use the shift description method, you can only run reports based on position or category.

Allowing Employees to Edit Their Own Shift Descriptions

It is possible to allow some or all of your employees to add and edit their own shifts on the schedule (but not to add or edit shifts assigned to other employees.) You can set this permission at SETTINGS > Global Employee Permissions. All employees can be granted this permission, or you can allow only certain employees to add and/or edit shifts or shift descriptions.

You can allow your employees to edit their own shift descriptions (and not other shift details) by doing the following:

• Go to your SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page

• In the fourth option “Employees Can ADD or MODIFY Their Own Published SHIFTS” click the dropdown

• Choose “Edit Own Description Only”

• Click Save.

The next time employees log in they will see an Edit button on their shift details and this will allow them to edit their own shift description.

Note if you do not want all employees to be able to do this, you can instead choose “Specify Setting for Each Employee” and then you can Edit the employee and toward the bottom of that window you can turn that on for individual employees.


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