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What are Priority Groups?

How do the Priority Groups (1-10) work?  I see them in the Edit Employee window.

How does this benefit employees, and how does it impact the AutoFill function?

Assigning employees to Priority Groups is optional.  When you Autofill by Priority Groups you give certain groups of employees an advantage over others.

When you choose the “Fill by Priority Group” option on the Autofill page, WhenToWork calculates the best schedule for just the employees in Group 1, taking into account each employee’s maximum work hours and preferred work times.

Once the Group 1 employees each have one shift per day assigned, AutoFill with then assign Group 2 employees to available shifts, according to their maximum hours and preferences.  Once they have been assigned one shift per day, AutoFill will continue to Group 3, and Group 4, etc.

If there are not enough shifts on your schedule to give everyone their maximum hours per week, the employees with the lowest priority (highest number) will have the fewest hours per week.

Employees can be assigned to Priority Groups at EMPLOYEES> Employees List page.


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