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Google Export – Sync Multiple Accounts

From an employee login, you can only export your schedule to one Google account, so if if an employee wants to ‘change’ the Google account they are syncing to, they can use the ‘delete’ option on the current exported calendar and then create a new export to their preferred Google account.

If instead you or your employees are wanting to sync your schedule to multiple Google accounts, the best way to do this is to set up the export to one of your Google accounts.

Navigate to that Google account and from your Google Calendar, use the Google “Settings” option to ‘share’ that existing W2W Schedule calendar with your other Google accounts. That way you can share the schedule with as many Google accounts as you like.

Note: From our system, we have no way to track which Google account you chose when you set up the export. We only receive a ‘token’ to your chosen account’s calendar which is a series of seemingly random digits.  We don’t have a way to show what Google account you have already chosen to export to or easily ‘swap’ that with another account.  In order to change it, we recommend just deleting it and then adding a new export.