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Can I track manager actions?

To track actual changes made by a particular manager, you can see changes made in past 45 days only. 

Go to the “Reports” section and enter the date range of past 45 days on the ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ then click the “Export Shift History” export option to create a text file of all changes made to your shifts in past 45 days.  Then you can open that file in a spreadsheet program and then sort the changes by the manager name. 

We do not have a way to provide edit histories beyond 45 days.

You can also click on any shift to bring up a Shift Edit popup, in which you’ll find a link to the “Shift History“, which lists the changes made to that shift in the past 45 days, along with who made the changes, and when they were made.

We also have a “Schedule History” link on the bottom right of each schedule week that shows when week-long actions like Import, AutoFill, and Publish were performed on that week along with who made the change and when it occurred 

You may also set your email notifications to be notified every time another manager makes a change to a published schedule or approves time off, etc. if you wish to track the changes other managers are making to your account. 


log that will tell me all the moves a manager made track manager logins report actions by