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EMPLOYEES – List – active employees (grid edit) bulk edit, print selected, reminders

An at-a-glance list of employees is always available. This grid can be set to show or you can print or export any or all of the following information:  You can also upload a file of employees with these details at any time.

  • Last Sign In 
  • Sign In Count 
  • Address 
  • Address 2
  • City 
  • State 
  • Zip
  • Email 
  • Employee #
  • Next Alert Date
  • Custom field 1
  • Custom field 2
  • Phone 
  • Phone 2 
  • Cell 
  • Hire Date
  • Comments 
  • Priority Group 
  • Max Weekly Hours/Days 
  • Max Daily Hours/Shifts 
  • Google Calendar Export
  • Default Pay Rate
  • Status Icons

The Employee List displays as a grid and you can use the “Select Columns” link in the upper left to set which information to include in the grid. Click any column title to sort the list by that column.

The grid can be edited right on the page or you can click the pencil icon pencil iconnext to an employee name to edit their information.

  • Sort by any column – click any column title once to sort ascending, click again to sort descending
  • Click any cell to edit in the grid, the row changes color, type or paste in a value (then click the Save button to save all changes. Note some fields cannot be changed, ex. Last Sign In, Number of Sign Ins)
  • Click on any date field to bring up a calendar where you can click to choose another date 
  • Use the Find box to quickly find an employee

You can check off the boxes for certain employees (or use the checkbox at the top to select all) and then use the links at the top of page to Bulk Edit them, Send those employees a message (to include them if also scheduled for indicated dates) with a Schedule Reminder email or you can export the selected employees to the clipboard to be pasted and used in other programs.

export print employee comments  active  hire date  contacts message group print select employees staff print an employee information