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Show Time Off on Schedule

The “By Employee,” “Calendar Weekly” and “Availability” Schedule Views allow Time Off to show directly on the schedule display and printout.

There is a “Change Layout” link (on the left just above your schedule data) that you can click to change the information that appears on the Screen View and/or Printout for that schedule view. 

If you enable Time Off to show on the Screen View and click Save, approved and pending Time Off will show on your schedule. If you scroll down on the Change Layout popup to change the “Printout” section options to show approved and pending Time Off, and then click Save, the next time you use our Print button on that schedule view the Time Off should show as well. 

Some users who want to have time off appear on other views (including employee displays) opt to create “shifts” for time off vs. using our time off system.  This involves creating positions for your time off or various types of time off, ex. “PTO,” “Personal Day,” etc. and then creating a shift for that person with the paid hours set based on whether it is a paid time off. 


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