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Category – Add new

Add Shift Category Definitions (Optional)

Trouble using Category dropdown?  You can also use the “Add/Edit Categories” button on the top left of the Category Chart schedule view.
NOTE: only managers with permission can Add/Edit Categories

To use shift Categories, you must first create a new name and abbreviation for each Category. Category default choices (default times, color, description etc.), can also be added for use when Adding Shifts. You can set your new shifts to a Category as you add the shifts, or you can set existing shifts to be in a Category.

Shifts set to a certain Category will remain in that Category when they are imported into other weeks. For example, if you set 6 shifts to be in a Category called “Night Shift” then when you import those shifts into the following week, they will still be set to that Night Shift Category, whether you import from that week or from a Saved Template.

Create / Add a new Category

From any Schedule View: 

  • In the Category dropdown, choose Add / Edit Categories
  • Enter the Category name and abbreviation (Ex. Night Shifts and NT) 
  • Set any default fields you like (see below)
  • Click the Save button

Optional – include “Add Shift” Default Settings:

From any Schedule View: 

  • In the Category dropdown, choose Add/Edit Categories 
  • Enter a Category name and abbreviation (Ex. Night Shifts and NT) 
  • Enter any default settings you like in the lower box – ex. times, shift color, description, etc. 
  • Click the Save button
  • The window will close and go back to your schedule 

Now when you click on any Schedule View to Add Shifts and choose this Category, your default settings will be automatically entered for you.  Any of the default information can be edited by clicking and retyping. 


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