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Availability / Coverage Daily View

The Availability – Coverage View allows a quick spreadsheet type daily overview of all employees, listed by Position – when they are scheduled, superimposed on a grid that includes their work time preferences and granted time off. You can change the range of hours that display (and even save different ranges) to focus just on that time range.

To View Availability – Coverage

From any Schedule View: 

  • In the top menu, hover over SCHEDULES and choose Availability/Coverage (or choose Availability View in the Schedule dropdown).

Select a Different Display Time Period 

On the Availability Schedule View: 

  • In the Display Time dropdown in the upper right, choose Select Times 

  • Choose the Start and End times for this display
  • If you would like to save this time period as a shortcut, type in a name 
  • Click the Save button

If you saved the display time period, it will now show in the Select Times dropdown for quick access. 
  Use the “Change Layout” link to include:

  • Totals for each position showing how many employees are working for each 15 minute time slot
  • Totals for each position showing how many employees are available 
  • The number of hours each employee has left before reaching their set maximum hours per week 


how many employees are scheduled (per half hour) during the scheduled work day count number scheduled at all times  run a report or otherwise determine how many employees are scheduled during a given time  total of all employees working hour by hour