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Text Messages (Adding, editing, troubleshooting)

Text Messages Sent to Employees

If a user can receive text messages, they can sign in at and set up when to be notified by text message. Employees sign in and set up their own text message address and choice of notifications. Managers can review their notifications options from the Edit Employee page.

When forwarding a message as a text it is truncated to 140 characters because that is the max limit to send a single text by the various phone providers.

NOTE: the “Cell Phone” field for the employees is NOT related to their text notifications.  Text notifications must be set up separately through the notifications section.

To send a text message, you need to know the person’s “text message address” which is usually their cell phone digits @ the cell carrier’s domain address. Ex. You will need to ask each Employee to enter their own text address or have them find out from their carrier what their address would be. The best way to find out your text email address is to send a text from your phone to your email and then note the “from address” in that email.

text messages

When a text message address is added, a special verification PIN is sent to that address. The recipient must then sign into their WhenToWork account and enter the verification code in order to confirm that the address is correct. Once this has been done, the notifications will be sent out automatically from that time forward. Employees can enter their verification PIN on the INFO>Edit My Email Notifications page. 

We do not charge to send, but the recipient may be charged to receive text messages – note that some of the notification options could generate a large volume of text messages – so choose carefully and be sure to check the carrier’s charges and limitations before setting up.


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