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How to schedule monthly / biweeky?

How do we make our work schedules for a month or longer than a week?

WhenToWork is entirely week-based, so all schedule creation and modification must be done a week at a time, and all our features like PublishImportAutoFillbulk edit of shifts etc., work a week at a time. 

Each week you can:

  • Navigate to new week
  • Import the previous week or template (clearing the work assignments)
    or Import a saved template with your set work assignments
  • AutoFill to get the best work assignments for any open shifts based on employee work time preferences, granted time off, and any other constraints you have set
  • Publish to make it available to employees

If you need to have employees work a certain number of times per month, you can try creating a weekly template for each week in the month with those set assignments, and Import them each week with the assignments preset.


change from a 7 day work week to a 14 day  work week, month at a time, import autofill month
how do , auto fill an entire month and not just week to week