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Repeat shifts every other week?

If you need to have a certain shift (ex a meeting shift) repeat over every other week there we don’t have an automatic way to do that.

We do not recommend scheduling too far in advance, as in that time period many changes will occur (shift changes, requests for time off, new employees, exited employees, etc.) and these changes will need to be individually edited for each updated change on the schedule.  

Our system is really designed for week to week scheduling, so that you can maintain maximum flexibility and responsiveness to employee needs.

You will not be able to use the “repeat for X more weeks” feature if this meeting occurs every other week.

Rather than schedule out for the entire year, we recommend that you create two templates, then import them alternately each week.

Save your basic week without the meeting as a template, and then save your basic week with the meeting as a separate template.

When you’re ready, you’ll navigate to an Unpublished week and click “Import”, then select a template from the drop-down list to Import either one day or one week into the schedule. Select your template, and click the Import button, and those shifts will appear in your Unpublished week.

You can save as many templates as you like, and then layer them on top of each other by Importing several templates into one week.


every other. Repeat for XX more weeks