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What do Employees see?

How do I see what the employees see? 
I’ve published a weekly schedule and would like to see how it appears to my employees.

The main manager can access an employee’s sign in in “read only” mode..

Please see Signing In as Employee for details on signing into an employee’s account from their Edit Employee page.

This will allow you to view their account without affecting it in any way.

The employees see a more limited view of what the managers can see, and their display depends on what you have chosen in your manager’s SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page.

For instance, if you have allowed your employees to view the entire schedule, they will see both their “My Schedule” section of their individual assigned shifts and an “Everyone’s Schedule” section that shows the entire schedule in a Daily (graphical), Weekly (Calendar), Monthly (Calendar), and Category Chart & In-Out Chart schedule views.

Note that employees only can see Published schedule weeks, so be sure when signed in as manager that you have clicked to publish the weeks you want employees to see. 

Note that employees’ Everyone’s Schedule views display options are controlled by how the main manager on the account has set up their corresponding view.

see my schedule  format on everyone’s layout change same as main manager options employees