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One Account, Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations or Departments

Option 1: Use One WhenToWork Account – Add your locations into one account

one w2w account diagramLocations or departments are added into an account by making Location-Specific Positions and then you can Group the Positions for quick viewing of each location separately

Ex. Create Position names like:

  • Cashier – Dept A
  • Cashier – Dept B


  • Dept A Sales
  • Dept B Sales 

You then have the flexibility of viewing any combination of these Positions (all employees at one store or all Cashiers across all locations, etc.)

Optional – You also can set each employee’s Position Preferences to indicate which locations you prefer they work or allow employees to choose their preferred Positions

PRO Plan users – Option 2: Use Separate Accounts Linked only for Billing Purposes →


multiple sites to use the same account, multiple departments groups together one account, multiple managers hire the same employee add location department add  “add location” two schedules for a given week? Would I need a sperate account to do this