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As Manager how do I request time off or set preferences?

You’ll want to use your separate employee login for requesting Time Off, entering preferences, etc.

In your employee login, you can manage your own schedule (view and trade shifts, enter availability, request Time Off, etc.) and from the manager login you can manage the organization’s schedule (Publish schedules, approve trades, etc.)

These two separate logins will have separate Usernames and Passwords.

We recommend that you create a “Switch List” from your manager login that will help you quickly switch between your usernames on the desktop version of our system. You can add as many usernames as you like to your list which will then appear in the top menu as a lightning bolt in the upper right instead of “Sign Out”.

Both our app for iOS and app for Android offer a Dashboard designed to allow users to sign in to multiple logins. You can sign in to the first username, then go to “More” to sign into another, and then another. Multiple logins will be simultaneously open on the dashboard at once, and you simply click on the app to get into all of them at once. In that “More” section, you can customize the color and the name of each username for quick identification.