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One Username, Multiple Accounts?

If you need access to different W2W accounts, or you need to log in as a manager and as an employee, you will need to have a unique username and password for each account; there is no way to combine your separate logins since they access separate accounts (and data cannot be viewed across accounts).

After setting up each username, on your computer browser, you can use our Multiple Username Switchlist to manage multiple logins. Select your favorite, non-shared username because this will become your ‘power username’ and sign in. Go to SETTINGS>Info and use the “Multiple Username Switchlist” link.  You can set a color and nickname to identify each username easily.

In the top right corner of the regular login menu, a lightning bolt icon will have a drop down of all your logins; you can quickly switch to another username’s display. This makes switching between displays easier, and if you “Shift-click” the username in that menu, it will open the new session in a new browser window.

If you use an iOS device, our app offers a dashboard designed to allow users to sign in to multiple logins. You can sign in to the first username, then click the “plus sign” (+) to sign into another, and then another.  Multiple logins will be simultaneously open on the dashboard at once, and you can simply swipe to move between them. You can click the gear icon beside any of your logins to customize the color and the name for quick identification. This functionality is currently only available in the iOS app. You’ll find it in the AppStore at:

If you have a different kind of phone, you could create bookmarks on your phone to both accounts. Simply sign in at to one account and make a bookmark to its main menu page, and then open another window and sign in to the next account, creating a bookmark to its main menu page. Name the WhenToWork buttons to reflect the different accounts.

managing multiple accounts