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AutoFill Selectively with Categories

You may want to make sure, for example, that all employees work at least one night shift per week. Or you may want to be sure your “less popular” shifts are evenly distributed over the week between all of your employees. 

This can be accomplished by setting these special shifts to be in a certain Category and then AutoFill that Category first before AutoFilling the rest of the schedule.

The first time you set up Categories it takes a bit longer but in future schedules, the Categories and shifts will already be set and all you will have to do is Import and AutoFill

The first time using Categories you must:

  • Create the Category name
  • From any Schedule View: 
    • In the Category dropdown, choose Add/Edit Categories
    • Enter the Category Name and Abbreviation Ex. Night Shifts and NT 
    • Click Add Now 
    • The window will close and go back to your schedule
  • Then Define Shifts as belonging to that Category 
  • From any Schedule View: 
    • In the Schedule View dropdown, choose Multi-Shift Edit 
    • Click the Week Tab if is it not already chosen 
    • Click the Time column heading to sort the shifts by the begin time 
    • Choose a shift and in the Category dropdown for that shift, change to the Category (Ex. NT) 
    • Change all shifts on the page that you want to be in that Category 
    • Click the Save button

Once the Categories have been created and set you can simply:

  • AutoFill the Shifts in that Category 
  • From any weekly Schedule View: 
    • In the Category dropdown, choose the Category name (ex. Night Shifts) 
    • Click AutoFill to open the AutoFill window 
    • Click the radio button next to: Fill these categories: Night Shifts 
    • Click YES AutoFill this Schedule 
  • Then AutoFill the Remaining Shifts 
    • In the Category dropdown, choose All Categories 
    • Click AutoFill to open the AutoFill window 
    • Be sure it is set to: Leave AutoFilled shifts alone, fill the empty shifts 
    • Click YES AutoFill this Schedule