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Split Shifts – Multiple Shifts Per Day

WhenToWork allows you to schedule employees with as many shifts per day as you like.

Our system is designed so that you add the shifts you need with begin and end times, and then you can use AutoFill to choose who would be best to work those shifts based on which positions the employee can work, their work time preferences, and any other constraints you have set. 

AutoFill will try to fill the shifts by giving every employee one shift per day first, then if your shifts are not all covered, it will give employees more shifts per day up to each of their set maximum shifts per day and hours per day/week.

Or you can manually assign employees to split shifts using the Add Shifts button or by clicking the cell background on the By Employee view.

To split an existing shift:

  • Click the shift
  • Change the start or end time
  • Enter 1 to create copies of shift
  • Click Save
  • Locate the copied unassigned shift and click it
  • Update time and choose an employee 
  • Click Save

add shifts different time same date  add shitfts same date different time