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Reports > Third Party Software Exports

W2W allows you to export a file that can be used with many third party programs.  

The list  has over 50 programs and is expanded regularly so you can review the current list of programs on yourRE\PORTS > Third Party Software Exports page. To search for a particular program you can start typing the name into the “Find” box.

Export for another third party programs

If you have an outside software system that is NOT in the list and you would like to request a new export please email us their “input file format requirements” and our developers will review it to see if our system already supports that format or whether that new format can be added to our system. There is no cost for this service, as the new software export will be offered to all of our customers for their convenience.

Exports developed just for your organization

If you would like an export developed specific to your organization that is not customized for specific software, but is customized for your preferences, you can send us the details. Create a mock-up file and/or a clear description of what you’ll need, and our techs will be happy to evaluate whether such a report can be created in our system and if what the tech fee might be to have that added to your account.