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API Setup & Details – Pro Plan

Pro Plan main managers can find an API Configure link on their Settings> Pro page.

Using that link they can enable API access for the account and set up options and copy endpoints.  


– If you choose to enable API access, make sure you keep your key private.  Anyone who has access to the key can access your data.

– We recommend limiting access to specific IPs when possible.

– The API will accept either GET or POST commands, and treats them both the same.  The results are in JSON format.

– * The key and all parameters may be included in form post data or on the URL (the least safe option).  The key may also be passed in the http header.

– Any calls that take START_DATE and END_DATE (Shift List, Time Off, Daily Totals, etc.) are limited to 31 days of data. Any requests over 31 days will be rejected.

– Any calls that fetch shift information can take an optional parameter POSITION=(position id) to filter the results to the specified position.