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Need a list of who was scheduled at a certain time / date?

If you need to a list of who was scheduled on a certain date at a certain time range we do not currently offer a Report for this, but you can do this a couple of ways.

  1. Graphical Schedule View –  Navigate to the day you want and you can use the Change Layout link to set the time range and other options (and filter to a certain position or category if needed) to isolate the list and then click the Print or Export (export allows you to choose various fields to include).
  2. Grid Schedule View – Navigate to the day you want and use the Change Layout to select columns to include.  Click the Start Time column title to sort the list by the start time and then check off the shifts for the time range you want.  Click the Export to Clipboard link below the grid or Print to get a list of all employees for that day and filter. 


Note, if you are looking for who is scheduled right now you can use the On Now page from the top menu.

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