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Track Denied Time Off

You can see complete details on an employee’s Time Off request history by going to EMPLOYEES > List Employees and clicking on the magnifying glass to the left of the employee’s name. That will bring up the Employee Details popup where you can click the ‘Time Off’ tab to see list of Time Off entries for the past year as well as present and future dates, along with their status (pending, approved or denied), and when it was first submitted and last edited (which would be date denied if the request was denied).

If you go to the Time Off page and view Time Off by employee, you can see all approved requests for past years.

Note that if you’d like to see who you’ve recently denied for Time Off, your Sent Messages (in the Messaging section) will include recent (within 30 days) notifications of denied Time Off.

Employees can see their own denied time off on their Time Off page listed with a status of “declined”.


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