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Time Off Missing or Calendar Not Displaying?

If it looks like a time off has disappeared, this normally happens when you add or approve a time off that was entered with the wrong year.

If you go from the top menu to TIME OFF>Listed by Date and choose to show All Future Days, you will see the time offs for the most future dates at the top of the list.

This can make it easy to spot a request that was entered for the wrong date in the future.

Employee not seeing time off calendar

This normally has to do with software running on your employee’s browser, like a security toolbar or other add-on extension software.  They can try toggling off their browser extensions to see if that resolves the issue, or you can ask them to try logging in from a different browser or different computer, or even from their phone to see if that resolves the issue. 


when employee time-off is granted, it doesn’t always show up on the Manager’s calendar
time off disappeared, gone missing timeoff  missing the calendar on the Time Off page