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Set Shifts to Categories

Once you have defined your Category names, they will appear in the Category dropdown menu on your SCHEDULES pages.

You can choose a Category when adding new shifts or you can click any shift to edit and choose a Category, or you can set multiple shifts to a Category using the Grid View or Multi-Shift Edit Schedule View. 

Setting Existing Shifts to be in a Category:

From any Schedule View: 

  • In the Schedule View dropdown, choose Grid View
  • Choose a Day or the Week Tab to see all of the shifts you want 
  • Sort the display by any column by clicking the title – Ex. if setting night shifts, you might want to sort by Time 
  • Check off the shifts you want to change
  • Click the “Bulk Edit” link below the grid
  • Choose the Category
  • Click the Save button

To test the Category and view the shifts

From any Schedule View: 

  • In the Category dropdown, choose your new Category name 
  • (Be sure the Positions dropdown is set to All Positions
  • The Schedule View will now include only the shifts in that Category
  • You can also filter on a position to see only shifts that are in both that Category and that Position

Note: Changing an existing shift to be in a Category DOES NOT change the times or any items set in the category defaults. Category defaults are only used when Adding New Shifts.