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Compare One or Multiple Linked Accounts for Locations

Items to consider if you have multiple locations or departments. It is your choice to schedule them all in one account or (in the PRO Plan) to use multiple linked accounts where one payment covers the combined total employees in all accounts.

Quick List of Multiple Locations – Option Differences

Option 1
Schedule all in ONE ACCOUNT
  PRO Plan
Option 2
Managers & employees can see all locations’ schedules Users can only see schedules for location in account
Each user has one login to access all locations Separate login required for each account you need to access (switch list can help with quickly changing between accounts)
Ability to view locations separately or all together Views only show that account’s schedule & employees
Manager permissions apply to all locations (if able to edit shifts can edit all location’s shifts) Managers can only make changes in their account
No ability to limit manager notices to a single location Notifications can be specific to locations
Employees scheduled in multiple locations will not be double-booked Shared employees could be double-booked
Employees are counted once in “total employees” If employees are entered into multiple accounts they will be counted multiple times (potentially increasing cost)
Global employee permissions apply to all locations Global employee permissions can be different for each location