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Category Sort Order?

Categories are sorted alphabetically when viewing schedule views that can be grouped by category. We have many Schedule Views you can choose from that can group your data by Position, Category, Start time, or Employee, so you can try choosing a different layout from the “Schedule View” drop down like the “Calendar – Weekly” to see your data grouped differently using the Change Layout link.

As a workaround, to change the sort order of your Categories, you may use the Categories dropdown and choose “Add/Edit Categories” and rename your categories to start with a number (ie., 1 – Manager, 2 – Assistant Manager, 3 – 1st Key Holder, etc.), so they sort by that or you can try adding a hyphen before the first letter of the category you want to be first in order. (Do NOT just retype a list of Categories. You are editing existing Categories.) The categories with a hyphen sort first alphabetically, followed by the rest of the categories.



change the order catagories are displayed in weekly calendar view categories sorting move