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Find – Grid Search

Find shifts, employees or blocked time off on Grids

All grid pages have a Find box that you can start typing into and it will filter the list of shifts or employees, etc. to only what is typed in the box. Only the columns visible in the grid are included when you use Find. You can change the visible columns using the “Change Layout” link in the upper left.

The Find feature can be found on the Shift Grid Weekly schedule view, the Shift Change window, Time Off Blocked Dates, the Employees List (and all Employees Grid pages.)

To Find in the Grids: 

  • Under Schedules in the top menu choose Grid View > Weekly 
  • Click into the Find box in the upper right and start typing a word or phrase and as you type the list will be limited to all shifts or employees that contain that phrase  
  • Only the shifts that contain that word or phrase in the selected columns displaying will be listed
  • The find field and the filter reminder banner will be highlighted yellow
  • To cancel the Find, click the X


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