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Can Employees see Custom Fields Information?

No, the two Custom Fields cannot be made visible to employees. Only managers have the ability to see the Custom Fields.

In the WhenToWork system you can add two customizable employee information fields to keep track of special information, such as birth dates, certification expirations, sizes, or whatever your special situation might require.

At SETTINGS > Company/My Info, you’ll find the Global Account Settings.  You can enter two labels for ‘Optional Custom Employee Fields’.  This will create fields in your employee information (which you can choose to include via the layout option on EMPLOYEES > Employee List), so that you can enter the information you need.

Once you have added the labels on the SETTINGS page, you can view and edit these fields for each employee.

You’ll find the new fields on the EMPLOYEES>List Grid (use the “Select Columns” link in the upper left to add those columns to the grid).  You can sort the column by clicking the column title.

You’ll also find the fields on the Add Employee page and on the Edit Employee page.

These Custom Fields can be displayed on your Employee List and can be exported via the Assigned Shift Details – General report on our Custom Reports page.

Naturally, you can also store information in employee Comments field. The Comments field can be made visible to employees at SETTINGS > Global Employee Permissions, if needed.



custom fields viewable by the individual employees