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AutoFill consecutive, back-to-back shifts?

While employees can be scheduled to multiple shifts in a day, there is no automatic way to make sure those shifts are consecutive.

AutoFill will first attempt to assign one shift to every employee, and then, if shifts are left unassigned, it will attempt to assign remaining shifts, allowing employees to work up to their Maximum Shifts/Day setting. 

AutoFill is designed to spread out the shifts evenly among employees (where preferences and number of shifts permit) so it will not prioritize assigning multiple consecutive shifts to employees.

You can set everyone to a maximum of one shift per day and then manually assign any open shifts and make them consecutive that way.

If you are using multiple short shifts, we recommend that you instead create longer shifts for the amount of time you hope to have the employees work, and allow AutoFill to assign those.




force AutoFill to assign employees to consecutive shifts