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5 Things to Ensure Your Account Data is Protected

Every day there is news of service outages or data loss in organizations large and small, and while as businesses do their best to avoid these type of challenges, we hope that you too will do your part to protect your account data.

Below are five important things you can do right now to safeguard your data:

  1. Sync Your Schedule to Google Calendar

    By far this is the most critical thing to set up, because it  ensures access to your current published schedule information in the case you cannot access your W2W account for some reason. 

    Any manager can set this up from their ‘SETTINGS> Info’ page. This automatic export just needs to be set up once, then it will continue to sync changes and new published schedules automatically to your Google Calendar. This allows you an alternate way to refer to your current schedules if needed.  More >

  2. Unique Passwords, No Sharing Logins

    W2W protects your password data by encoding it in our system, and we recommend that you use ‘strong’ passwords that are both not easily guessed and also not used for accessing any other systems.

    Please ensure that each individual at your organization is using their own unique login through a record under their own name and never share your login details with anyone. 

    Also be sure to always use the ‘Sign out’ button after each session on any device that could be used by someone else, to ensure they cannot refresh the page and continue use of your session.   More >

  3. Check Who’s in Control & Has Manager Access

    Be sure that the account ‘main manager’ is the proper person at your organization. The main manager has control over the account and is the only one who can add, edit and delete the additional manager access. 

    If your account main manager is no longer the correct person to be in control of the account, please email us immediately at to request that the main manager status be updated.

    With the proper main manager in place, have them carefully review their “SETTINGS> Add/Edit Managers” page to review all additional managers and permissions currently on the account, and update/delete anyone who no longer needs manager level access to the account.  More >

  4. Export, Backup Data

    Save offline copies of your employee information and other account information on your own computer by using our ‘Print’ or ‘Export’ options on most pages. 

    You can create back-up text files of your Employee information, and your schedules and Time Off information, as well as print your data to PDF files if you want to store formatted data.  More >

  5. Remove Data

    The best way prevent your data from  being lost online is not to have it online at all.

    Look through your account and see if there is any information that would be better stored offline, then blank out those data fields in your account.

    For example, you can remove employee street addresses and phone numbers from your account, and then use the main manager option on ‘SETTINGS>Company Info’ page to prevent workers from adding/editing those fields as well.  More >



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