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Employee Cannot See Schedule

If an employee reports that when they log in they cannot see the schedule, this can be due to a number of things:

  1. You have not yet published the schedule for that week

  2. The employee is not logging into your organization’s account but instead they created a “free trial” from our sales pages and they are logging into a manager account they created in error.

You can go to your Employee List page and click “Select Columns” and be sure the “Last login” column is visible.  Then review the date that employee last logged into your account.

If the employee did create an errant manager trial they can email and ask to have their trial removed so there is no confusion in the future if they need to retrieve their logins.

To send the employee their login information for your account, click the pencil icon next to their name on the Employee List page and then click the “Email Sign In” link.


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