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Shift History – Track Changes – Who Added or Edited

Track Changes to Shifts – Shift History

See also Schedule History for global changes to a week.

Pro Plan subscribers
have unlimited shift histories

Managers (with permission to edit shifts) can click on a shift to see a link to access a “Shift History” which shows the shift creation and a log of change details for the last 90 days (Pro Plan users have unlimited storage). This can be useful to track who changed details about a shift or assigned it.

Viewing the “Shift History”

  • Click the shift to open the Shift Change window
  • Click the Shift History link in the upper right

All the changes made to that shift in the last 90 days will be included (or longer if in the PRO Plan).

The shift history includes a checkmark icon when the change was made on a published shift and the “Notify affected employees checkbox was checked”.

You can also:

1) Set your notifications to send you an email every time another manager changes a published shift.

2) Run the Export Recent Shift History on the REPORTS page and do that once a month to be sure you have an archive saved of all shift changes (this report only goes back the last 45 days unless you are in the Pro Plan which will retain shift histories indefinitely from the date Pro Plan starts)

Note: If you allow employees to trade or pick up shifts “At Will”, you will see the employee that “changed” a shift and picked it up along with when the shift was originally created and when any other changes were made. Other recent trade activity and current status are also included.

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