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Change My Username or Password

Each WhenToWork user can change their own username and password. Managers can change their username and password from the SETTINGS page. 

The Main Manager also can change any other manager or employee username and password. 

Additional managers can change their own manager (and employee) username and password. (If their manager permissions allow them to edit employees, they also can change other employee username and passwords when signed in as manager). 

NOTE that resetting the password will expire all previous saved sessions, bookmarked pages and mobile app icons. 

To change your own Manager Username and Password

From any page: 

  • In the top menu, hover over SETTINGS and choose Company Info 
  • Click the “Change” link next to Username/Password

  • Enter the required information and click the Save button
    (you can choose whether you want your password to be case sensitive, i.e. requires exact upper or lower case letters to be entered). 
  • The next time you sign in, you will have to use that new username and password 


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