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Google Export Trouble

W2W sends your Published shift edits and Published schedules immediately to Google, but sometimes Google’s system can be slow (we aren’t sure why) and we get a small backlog of shifts.

If shifts are not updating fast enough, we expect that it must be a slow period for Google.

If shifts are simply never updating, then you should see a note on your homepage saying that your Google export is not working, or that an employee’s export is not working.  The only recourse we have from Google is to ‘resend shifts‘ or to disconnect and re-establish the calendar from scratch. 

To Resend Shifts to a Google calendar export:

If for some reason you accidentally made shift changes in your Google calendar or you would like to just be sure no shifts were changed in Google, you can click to Resend Shifts. This will resend all previously sent past and future shifts to your account.

Before beginning, be sure you are signed into your Google account, then
from any page:

  • In the top menu, choose: SETTINGS> Co / My Info
  • Click the Google Calendar icon:
  • Click the Resend link for that calendar
  • Click to confirm resending shifts
  • Updates can take up to 20 minutes to appear. Refresh your Google Calendar page to see the shifts

Generally speaking, the Google export is reliable, but we never recommend that users rely primarily on Google. We recommend that everyone use our apps or the website as their primary schedule information.

Please recommend that your employees install our apps:

Our WhenToWork app for Android users is in the Google Play store at:

And you’ll find our iOS app in the AppStore at:

When you open the app and pull down to refresh the data, you’ll always be seeing an up-to-date schedule.


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