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Stop New Open Shift Notices when Editing Shifts?

Normally when you unassign a shift on a published week, then employees are sent a notification about “a new shift on the tradeboard”  This happens when both items are set up in your account:

  1. SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions  page option 20 “Can see and pickup UNASSIGNED shifts”  is set to “With Manager Approval” or “At Will” then when you are on a Published week and
  2. Employees have chosen to be notified when a new open shift becomes available

So if you do not want employees being notified about certain open shifts (you are just temporarily setting it to unassigned), you can uncheck the “Notify affected employees” checkbox before unassigning – but note that this also will not notify the employee you took off the shift.

We recommend that you use the Shift Change window to decide who to choose to replace the employee you are taking off the shift right at the same time you are taking the other employee off.  This will result in only the old and new employee being notified and prevent the step of the shift being temporarily placed on the tradeboard as an open shift, with notices going out about it.