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Total Hours Calculations are Wrong?

If you find that the totaled hours are incorrect, this likely is due to one or more shifts having the wrong duration (paid hours). This can can sometimes happen when a shift with manually entered “paid hours” times are edited but the duration is not.  Or it could be the start or end times are set to the wrong AM/PM.

You can view and edit the duration of your shifts easily using our Grid schedule view.  

On that view, if you click the “Select Columns” link you can add three special fields to your grid:

grid view select columns hours configure

By reviewing those columns you can quickly see:

Pd Hrs – the hours W2W is using for that shift (whether autocalced or manually set)

Total Hrs – the actual time between start and end (will be the same as Pd Hrs if autocalced

Unpaid Hrs – the difference between the Pd Hrs and the Total Hrs (ex unpaid break time)

schedule grid view hours

You can sort twice by the Pd Hrs column to put the longest shifts to the top of the list, where this will show you any likely issue of the incorrectly set AM/PM or incorrectly entered manual paid hours.


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