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Can Exports be Automated?

Exports from WhenToWork need to be done manually when needed.

We do not offer automated data export or API-type access to retrieve data from an account. In our system data can only be exported to text files when logged into an active session and export option chosen.

We do offer a Google Calendars sync where schedule data can be automatically exported to a Google calendar, which can in turn be a source for a constant, automated export. 

OR if someone in your organization’s IT department is able to create a script that calls a web address, our techs can create a ‘static session ID’ (or ‘static SID’ for short) that can be used in a URL link to create an export file on demand. We cannot provide instructions on how to create the script, etc. Your team will need to work that out on your end, as we can only provide the URL link.

All that is needed is for the main manager on your account to create a dummy manager record on your account, then email requesting a static SID be created for that dummy manager record and include the account number and what particular export option you are wanting to create (from our list on the ‘Reports’ section). Then we can send back to the main manager a URL that contains the static SID and creates that specific export file, which can then be used in a script run from your organization.

The static SID allows the URL to be used without having to log in, and does not expire, so can be used in future whenever a new file is needed. Because the static SID would allow access to other manager pages too, we only provide such information to the main manager on the account.


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