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Can I Import just one Employee’s schedule?

If you’d like to Import shifts for just one employee, there are a few options:

Create an upload file: You can create a CSV file with shifts just for that employee and use our “Upload” feature to upload them into the week. To easily create that CSV file, go to a blank week and enter just the shifts for this employee, and then click to Export. (Use Clear/Delete to delete those shifts from the blank week when you’re finished.) Then you can upload that CSV file of shifts into each future week you’d like.

Create a schedule template: Or you can save a template that contains shifts for only the one employee, and then Import that into your schedules. (You can layer templates on top of each other.)

Use Categories: Another option, if you are not already using Categories, is to set all of this employee’s shifts to a specific category — or even all of your employees on fixed schedules to a specific Category. You could then filter the previous week’s schedule to just that Category and Import just those shifts in that Category.

Import one Position: You can also Import just a particular position, like ‘Senior Instructor’. To do so, you would navigate to the specific week you wish to copy into, and set the Positions Filter to just ‘Senior Instructor’. Click ‘Import’. Now you have the option of Importing just the one position, or all positions. You can Import a previous week or previous day, assigned or unassigned.

Please note, the Import button only appears on Unpublished weeks.


only import one persons schedule  import just one person or position instead of whole week